RPS Degreaser Cleans City of Dallas Sewer (Video)

We are proud to release video results of the RPS degreaser test with the City of Dallas. They asked us to test our eco-friendly degreaser for heavy duty applications on a particular problem area immediately after a row of restaurants. The City of Dallas says that the sewer was becoming almost completely clogged with grease every two to three months and was a regular problem and hefty expense to clean up.

Rather than pouring in harmful acids or other cleaners that cause problems later at the water purification plant, or even using the live bacteria and bugs that are supposed to consume the grease but are unreasonably expensive and often difficult to handle, they gave our eco-friendly degreaser a shot.

Here’s the video…

You may notice that our product is so eco-friendly, we don’t hurt the bugs you see crawling around the sewer when they ran the camera through the second time after several months!

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